Happy Birthday Silver Balloon Banner

Happy Birthday Silver Balloon Banner

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Surprise your guests with this fabulously loud Happy Birthday golden balloon banner!  Perfect for birthday celebrations for people of all ages, this large decoration is so much fun! Have a smashing golden birthday with this crazy banner, featuring 13 letters and a ribbon for hanging.

*This balloon is air-filled and it will not float. It's to be used as a hanging decoration such as a banner, garland or bunting.

Deflated: When choosing the option deflated this balloon will come flat in the package and it can be easily inflated with a straw. Tip: use a string or blu-tack to hang it on your wall. 

Inflated: If you choose the inflated option we will air inflated the balloons and attach the string so you can easily hang to your desired place. 

Size: This garland is 3.5m. Each letter when inflated is approximately 24cm x 34cm.